Welcome, my name is Noemi and welcome to my shop! 


It just registered didn't it? Yes, imeon is my name spelled backwards! So, this is how the story goes behind my shop name.

A few years back, I was watching an intriguing biography on a model named Iman. During the show it hit me, "Heeeeeeeyyy, my name backwards is kind of like hers!!" 

Being young(er) and more adventurous, I decided to put my backwards name on a t-shirt, only it was i'meon. Why the apostrophe? I have no idea. Maybe it was the in thing at the time, I was lacking some sleep, I was hungry, who knows. All I know is that the name stuck and here I am as imeon design.

It's true, that's all there is to it.


To say that I have always had a passion for crafting would be untrue. It wasn't until I opened this shop that my love and enjoyment for creating began. 

One thing that is true, however, is that I have always admired designs with clean and simple lines, the less fussier the better. This concept is what I try to display in all items I make. 

Here at imeon design, you will find a variety of items to suit your special celebration needs!


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